How to Turn Your Idea into a Successful Startup?

Every product in the market today started as an idea in some individual’s head at some point.

Be it a mobile device, or a software platform, a kitchen gadget, or a smartwatch, majority of items that you purchase came into existence through the process of invention.

idea into a startup

The journey from only a concept to a finished product can be long and rigorous one, and it is believed that those are brave enough to travel this road have to face various obstacles and setbacks.

But, if you are armed with ideal information and resources, you can put yourself on the path to bring your invention to the market.

What needs to be done?

Transforming your idea into a reality is actually more complicated than just providing design over to a manufacturer or developer and waiting for ROI to roll in.

Here are some of the basic steps you will require to take before your product hits the shelves:

Market Research

Before spending your precious time and money on crafting a product, you should have an idea if there are buyers for it.

Look what’s out there and analyze the competition. Until unless you have thought of an altogether new idea, it is highly likely products similar to yours already exist in the market.

Assess the competitors and see to whom they are selling this product. These insights will help you in defining your target market.

You can also think of various ways to stand ahead of your competitors.

Patent Research

It is perhaps one of the most important aspects to be kept in mind while converting your idea into a product.

Be smart and before you start designing the product you thought of, have a look around and see if your design infringes upon someone else’s copyright or intellectual property (IP).

You can check the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website and check any patents on the products like the one you want to launch.

If you still have questions or want to be fully sure if your product is legal to make and sell, it is recommended to consult an attorney who specializes in patents and IP law.

Design a Prototype/Beta Version

Once you have identified your target market and ensured that your legal path is clear, it is time to start bringing your idea to reality.

An ideal prototype can be a basic drawing or diagram or can be as working, & professional product.

This is the point where you decide whether you want your product to be manufactured or licensed.

Having your product manufactured means you design and sell the product by yourself (this also includes paying a third party to design your product).

Getting your product licensed means you will sell another company the right to craft, sell, and use your product. This is done in exchange for a license fee and royalty payments.


In the world of innovation, if you want to be successful, getting you timing right is the key.

Waiting too long to implement an idea might let someone else capitalize on a similar idea and acquired your niche already.

On the other hand, if your invention is the first of its kind, the probability of market being not ready is quite high.

You would have to fight an uphill battle to make an ideal place for your product.

According to Henry Helgeson, CEO and co-founder of Cayan, have faced this issue as a mobile payment technology company in 2011.

For other startups on the ‘too early’ side of innovation, Henry advised perseverance to stand ahead of the competitors.

Another major issue for inventors is finding out how to get their product in front of public.

This is the aspect that majorly no-one cares for in the beginning. Your idea might be superb, but without a guided marketing plan who will know about it?

Even Henry confessed that initially they were too much focused on the product and thought it will sell by itself.

Since entrepreneurs who are just starting out do not have massive budgets to promote their inventions, hence, most of the startups are doing the same blunder.

Lack of budget should not stand in your way. You can always look up to strong social media marketing plans that are both cost-effective and wide-reaching.


In this section, we are going to discuss some of the dos or advice for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs.

Give time to research

Crafting a product needs a lot of initial research, patience, and resilience.

Before you even begin the process, ensure to have the time to invest in due-diligence research.

This is especially ideal if you are looking for patent protection for your idea.

Doing research into intellectual property and familiarizing with the process, will provide the entrepreneurs an upper edge they need to start a startup.

Test your product constantly

It is a known fact that no product is crafted perfectly in their first iterations. Almost every entrepreneur had to tweak their products and make some transformations along the way.

The best way to identify those changes is by testing your product with real customers.

Getting honest feedbacks from test groups as a way to validate your idea is a remarkable approach.

This validation process needs to be done on a constant basis.

If you are trying to do something, and the market tells you something else, there is something wrong with your strategy.

It is recommended to be on the field, talk to people, and be a part of industry conversations.

Work on your pitch

Before even finishing your product and start selling it, you should start talking it up to your friends and professional contacts.

A short, to-the-point, sales pitch, which includes a value statement, hook, statistics and allied data, your product’s USP and a call-to-action can really work for you.

Don’t do it alone!

There are multiple steps involved in the invention process and it can be over-exhausting to try and take care of everything by yourself.

It is recommended that inventors/entrepreneurs should seek out professional assistance so that you can be assured that particular aspects of the process are in capable hands.

Happiness is only real when shared.

Have an idea?

Build a team, research the market, take feedbacks, look for the target audience, and prepare a strong pitch.

Good Luck!

How to Build a Startup Culture That Lasts

Many of us do not know but, the word ‘Organization’ and ‘Organism’ are derived from the same root term. In the same way ‘Company Culture’ is very much similar to ‘natural ecosystems’.

Whatever values and strategies the founder of a startup are seeding, in the beginning, same he/she will be the resultant in next five years or so.


Let me tell you straightforward that the ways you run your company in its initial stage define its fate in coming years. Culture is nothing but a natural outcome of the way early business owners choose to build up a firm.

It also states that company culture can be suitably designed similar to a beautiful garden at the backyard of your home. Just decide what sort of crops you want in coming years and plant the respective seed for it.

Define your company goals and apply the concept of reverse-engineering to it. When you adapt to this methodology, you will be sure of how to work right now and hence your workflow will be streamlined in close proximity with the company goals.

If you do not wish a stressful, unbalanced, misdirected and a frenetic kind of environment in your firm in coming years, then stop planting those kinds of seeds in your startup from this second only.

Just as apple cannot grow on an oak tree, similarly, a company with stress, indiscipline, and lack of goals cannot grow into a successful one.

Focus on Good

When you are planting your first seed, make sure you focus on its positive energy first.

Big players and companies that are highly successful in the market have always ensured in their initial days by focusing more on what is ‘Right’ in their first employees rather than what is not.

For any startup to become a big player in future, it is highly advisable to concentrate more on the strength part first. It is important how are you treating and interpreting your ‘first’ employees.

Communicate the vision and goals of the company clearly to the initial employees, in order to streamline the work in the same direction.

Make it Simple, Make it Best

It was the year 2006; Mark Parker has just become the new CEO of Nike. At that time, Mike asked Steve Jobs about any tips latter had for him regarding becoming a CEO.

At that time, Jobs suggested Mike that Nike certainly does make a lot of good products but they also made a lot of stuff that is useless. Being a visionary, Jobs told Mike to get rid of the crappy stuff and just focus on the good.

It is this focus on simplicity, which is why apple is one of its kinds amongst so many tech-related firms in the market. But why do most of the companies just cannot do what Apple did? What is it that lacks in rest of the companies?

Going back to Apple, if you ask any senior team member at the company about the way they do business, the response you will get is simply amazing.

Apple’s work culture is only defined to do one thing only: Create a better product.

If they are not able to create a better product or improvise any product, they simply refuse to do it. This constant focus on ‘simplicity’ and ‘one-vision’ is the key that brings Apple to the position it rules today.

Give Space

All successful companies were once a startup and so we have some experience to learn & earn from. See, it is quite simple and straightforward.

You don’t have to work 24 hours a day to be a successful startup. All the big companies, successful athletes, musicians, artists, and actors have one and only one way of reaching the top of their industry; constant duration of highly intense performance and systematic yet firm renewal.

Most of the startups nowadays are only focusing on the first step (high intense performance) and not on the latter part (Renewal). May be that is why we are seeing intense burnouts in mostly all of the startups today.

Being a smart business owner, your focus should be equally divided on both; providing an intense performing output; energy rejuvenation.

As I said earlier, it is very important to plant the first ‘Seed’ very carefully; in the same way making a perfect start is very difficult. A perfect start may not be a high-profit start but a start that assures a balanced and profitable future.

Many entrepreneurs/CEO/Leaders think that being busy is the correct way of generating maximum output. What they always forgot is being busy is nowhere related to being successful. Most of the successful individuals, leaders, CEOs are the ones those give ample time to their work, family and most importantly themselves.

Remember, space is always important unless you are targeting something other than success.

Rejuvenation of energy is an important concept and may rightly differ from person to person. But as the owner of a startup, these kinds of activities should be incorporated in your company calendar regularly.

If you seriously want to avoid your company from any and all sorts of possible burnouts start focusing on the rejuvenation process today!

Make a unique System

In the business world, the word system is used in multi-situations; working hours; working locations; recruitment policy; on-boarding, and allied.

Always remember that each procedure or policy that is touching the humans (employees) is doing either of one function; it is nourishing and helping grow the culture you wanted, or it is destroying the same. It is next to impossible to do same simultaneously.

Seeing the companies such as Google and Facebook, which are known for their unique work culture and astonishing policy makers, I can tell that for making a startup grow regularly and reach the top, uniqueness is essential.

Uniqueness in the way you do work. Ask yourself “Why are we doing, what we do?” or “What can we do right that nobody has done?”

These sorts of questions will enlighten your mind and provide you with the precise answers or methods that will help you creating an astonishing work culture.


There is a very thin line that separates a ‘winner’ from an ‘almost-winner’. That thin line is what we call as uniqueness. Making a company unique is same as making a work culture that is unique and only these kinds of companies last in this cut-throat competition.

As a startup owner, do not be afraid of taking risks, trusting people and taking a leap forward. It might happen that you may not get what you had expected right in the start, but if you make sure to consider the above-given suggestions, I personally feel you will eventually achieve the company goals.

Let us hope and work in the same direction and soon I will feature one of you in my article!

How to Grow Your Startup with SaasLabs New Products

SaaS labs have emerged as a toddler who has matured quickly in designing and promoting the solution-driven SaaS products. These products have been designed specifically keeping in mind the problems user have been facing while marketing their product line.

New Products

Our tech team ensures to create these kinds of products by thinking like customers. These professionals ensure to design these products with no stone unturned while thinking about problem-solving capabilities.

Adding to this plethora of innovative product line, SaaS labs is now going to introduce 4 new solution-driven products that can help online businesses to grow organically.

So, fasten your seat belts and enjoy this journey of innovation and creativity.

Upcoming products

Listed below are the products that are going to be introduced by SaaS labs in coming few months:

  1. Adlatch
  2. EngageMagic
  3. Piktoria
  4. Affimatic

For my readers, I am going to present this product one by one descriptively:


If you are using adblocker on your website, have you ever accounted how much revenue has been lost? It is simple math; you use adblocker, you want your website away from spams and irritating ads and adblocker weeds out many users to see your website.


Our latest product Adlatch comes out as a savior of revenue for businesses, bloggers and allied entities. Adlatch ensures to track each visitor (who is using adblocker) on your website using real-time monitoring.

As a blogger, you might think about the ways to promote your blog effectively. Well, not to worry, because Adlatch here is going to solve all the issues that are faced by the marketers and bloggers altogether.

So, if you want to increase the traffic on your website or start earning more from your blog, you know Adlatch!


You do not believe in miracles, do you? Because if you do, SaaS Labs is providing you an apt product using which you will start believing in magic and miracles.


EngageMagic will provide you leverage to watch each customer’s activity on your website in detail. In simpler words, it is just like a CCTV camera, which is placed on your website or online store and you can track who is coming in or who is going out.

Along with this, you can also make out what kind of activities is done by your customers. Understanding to the depth that at what point customers get bored and switch out of your website can render you enough options for transformation and improvement.

Online businesses can also check the bounce rate and exact reason for it. EngageMagic provides you intelligence to understand the customer behavior and act accordingly.

So if you are a business owner, who is facing difficulty in understanding your customers online or if you are unable to increase the traffic on your website, EngageMagic is the correct tool for you.

This innovative product will be launched by SaaS Labs in coming few weeks.


Have you ever thought how great it would be if everything related to your marketing activities on Pinterest and Instagram can be automated?

Only automation is not the punch here. We at SaaS labs ensure to cater to all the varied requirements of our clients in close proximity with the prevailing industry standards.


I personally have never seen such a multipurpose product that has varied features as mentioned below:

  • Discover the relevant content: In this part, our team provides you important Intel using which you can make your pins, images and content searchable by millions of users on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Create the content: Our proficient content team ensures to create specific and relevant content for your Pinterest & Instagram marketing, with an aim to create an improved brand visibility of your brand.
  • Manage the content: Using this feature, you can manage your content. You can edit the old pins, use the drip pinning feature and make sure that every image posted in past or in present reaches the right targeted audience.

This is a revolutionary product, using which businesses can increase their visibility online. Since, content is still considered a king, so therefore if you optimize your content correctly, it is for decided that your brand is communicating the relevant message to the target audience.

SaaS labs always ensure to provide apt convenience to its customers and design its entire product line focusing on the client issue only.


SaaS lab as always strives to work focusing on making marketing activities easy for our customers.


Adding to these attributes, our proficient coders have come up with Affimatic. Since many of the businesses require calling abroad for their product/service promotion, but since there is no apt gateway using which one can do the calls in cost effective manner.

Also, some of the businesses have problems related to the authenticity of the company, since they call their clients using an Indian number, but targeting the audience abroad.

Understanding these kinds of issue, SaaS Labs is offering Affimatic, using which you can call on any international number without exhibiting your location from your home nation.

Ending Statement

SaaS labs ensure to deliver the product line in accordance with the current requirement in the online marketing industry. We always make sure to create such innovative products that can make the work of customers easy and quite convenient as compared to the traditional marketing activities.

I will always try to encourage more and more businesses to make their work easy by opting for our products. Because whatever said and done, it is the way of doing things that define a company’s perspective towards customers.

So, if you can do an activity with efficiency, effectiveness, and low cost in the lesser time frame, I cannot think of one reason, why you should not do it.

Just keep in touch with us, and see your online business roar with high ROI.

Have an exciting weekend. It is me shashvat vats, signing off ….until next time!