How to Build a Startup Culture That Lasts

Many of us do not know but, the word ‘Organization’ and ‘Organism’ are derived from the same root term. In the same way ‘Company Culture’ is very much similar to ‘natural ecosystems’.

Whatever values and strategies the founder of a startup are seeding, in the beginning, same he/she will be the resultant in next five years or so.


Let me tell you straightforward that the ways you run your company in its initial stage define its fate in coming years. Culture is nothing but a natural outcome of the way early business owners choose to build up a firm.

It also states that company culture can be suitably designed similar to a beautiful garden at the backyard of your home. Just decide what sort of crops you want in coming years and plant the respective seed for it.

Define your company goals and apply the concept of reverse-engineering to it. When you adapt to this methodology, you will be sure of how to work right now and hence your workflow will be streamlined in close proximity with the company goals.

If you do not wish a stressful, unbalanced, misdirected and a frenetic kind of environment in your firm in coming years, then stop planting those kinds of seeds in your startup from this second only.

Just as apple cannot grow on an oak tree, similarly, a company with stress, indiscipline, and lack of goals cannot grow into a successful one.

Focus on Good

When you are planting your first seed, make sure you focus on its positive energy first.

Big players and companies that are highly successful in the market have always ensured in their initial days by focusing more on what is ‘Right’ in their first employees rather than what is not.

For any startup to become a big player in future, it is highly advisable to concentrate more on the strength part first. It is important how are you treating and interpreting your ‘first’ employees.

Communicate the vision and goals of the company clearly to the initial employees, in order to streamline the work in the same direction.

Make it Simple, Make it Best

It was the year 2006; Mark Parker has just become the new CEO of Nike. At that time, Mike asked Steve Jobs about any tips latter had for him regarding becoming a CEO.

At that time, Jobs suggested Mike that Nike certainly does make a lot of good products but they also made a lot of stuff that is useless. Being a visionary, Jobs told Mike to get rid of the crappy stuff and just focus on the good.

It is this focus on simplicity, which is why apple is one of its kinds amongst so many tech-related firms in the market. But why do most of the companies just cannot do what Apple did? What is it that lacks in rest of the companies?

Going back to Apple, if you ask any senior team member at the company about the way they do business, the response you will get is simply amazing.

Apple’s work culture is only defined to do one thing only: Create a better product.

If they are not able to create a better product or improvise any product, they simply refuse to do it. This constant focus on ‘simplicity’ and ‘one-vision’ is the key that brings Apple to the position it rules today.

Give Space

All successful companies were once a startup and so we have some experience to learn & earn from. See, it is quite simple and straightforward.

You don’t have to work 24 hours a day to be a successful startup. All the big companies, successful athletes, musicians, artists, and actors have one and only one way of reaching the top of their industry; constant duration of highly intense performance and systematic yet firm renewal.

Most of the startups nowadays are only focusing on the first step (high intense performance) and not on the latter part (Renewal). May be that is why we are seeing intense burnouts in mostly all of the startups today.

Being a smart business owner, your focus should be equally divided on both; providing an intense performing output; energy rejuvenation.

As I said earlier, it is very important to plant the first ‘Seed’ very carefully; in the same way making a perfect start is very difficult. A perfect start may not be a high-profit start but a start that assures a balanced and profitable future.

Many entrepreneurs/CEO/Leaders think that being busy is the correct way of generating maximum output. What they always forgot is being busy is nowhere related to being successful. Most of the successful individuals, leaders, CEOs are the ones those give ample time to their work, family and most importantly themselves.

Remember, space is always important unless you are targeting something other than success.

Rejuvenation of energy is an important concept and may rightly differ from person to person. But as the owner of a startup, these kinds of activities should be incorporated in your company calendar regularly.

If you seriously want to avoid your company from any and all sorts of possible burnouts start focusing on the rejuvenation process today!

Make a unique System

In the business world, the word system is used in multi-situations; working hours; working locations; recruitment policy; on-boarding, and allied.

Always remember that each procedure or policy that is touching the humans (employees) is doing either of one function; it is nourishing and helping grow the culture you wanted, or it is destroying the same. It is next to impossible to do same simultaneously.

Seeing the companies such as Google and Facebook, which are known for their unique work culture and astonishing policy makers, I can tell that for making a startup grow regularly and reach the top, uniqueness is essential.

Uniqueness in the way you do work. Ask yourself “Why are we doing, what we do?” or “What can we do right that nobody has done?”

These sorts of questions will enlighten your mind and provide you with the precise answers or methods that will help you creating an astonishing work culture.


There is a very thin line that separates a ‘winner’ from an ‘almost-winner’. That thin line is what we call as uniqueness. Making a company unique is same as making a work culture that is unique and only these kinds of companies last in this cut-throat competition.

As a startup owner, do not be afraid of taking risks, trusting people and taking a leap forward. It might happen that you may not get what you had expected right in the start, but if you make sure to consider the above-given suggestions, I personally feel you will eventually achieve the company goals.

Let us hope and work in the same direction and soon I will feature one of you in my article!

How to Build Interest for Startup Before the Launch?

You have worked hard and have been preparing for months, maybe years for your new business idea.

Finally, your business idea is going to take shape. It is highly possible that you might be extremely nervous right now.

This tension is centric to one thing only; whether your startup is going to be successful or not?


You might have one of the most groundbreaking product or an unmatched service idea, but, without building a curiosity or anticipation in months just before the launch, nothing is going to matter.

As per a study, around three-fourth of startups fail within the first three years itself.

Marketers who have planned and done planning prior are more probable to avoid any sort of poor performance.

There has to be a list of audience present beforehand to attain success in your startup.

Marketers look crucially towards the bigger picture and ensure an apt way to look at the bigger picture and create anticipation before the actual launch.

Now, we are going to discuss some of the ways that can ensure a firm and stable start for your startup.

Product/Service Transforms lives

Think of the basic reason why you started your business.

Why do you think your idea will work?

What is so innovative about your idea?

While preparing a framework for marketing your new business, the preliminary promotion has to have a simple yet clear way of telling how your brand can change the status quo.

This initiates the curiosity and suitable interest to get the market talking about your startup.

As a smart marketer, make sure to note down the details of your target audience’s current mindset and how do you like it to be after your business becomes successful.

Check the interest of target audience

For running any sort of successful business, first and foremost thing is to know who your target audience is.

Once you have identified the audience you want to entertain or serve, ensure to know everything about them.

This practice of understanding your target audience and keep a close look on competitors’ action is also termed as ‘being market educated’.

An educated marketer understands the relevance of making audience engaged, and hence always knows which tool should be utilized to make the maximum impact.

Also, you can find out what kind of media channel makes your target audience most responsive or active.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you in making your brand’s personality to fit the mold and talk in the same language your audience does.


As soon as you identify your target audience and know about their interests, dislikes, and the similar, there lies another challenge.

It is to engage customers effectively.

Opinion leaders or influencers within their respective communities can aid the brands to their maximum when it comes to increasing the customer engagement and providing superior credibility among the followers.

Influencers have the capability to create an impeccable impression on public view for topics in which they have gained expertise.

Anybody can be influencers, right from bloggers, politicians, to educators, journalists, and business owners.

Marketers who ensure to hire key influencers on board initially are ensured to do wonders when it comes to acquiring customers.

Design a webpage – with a signup form

When your business starts, growth should be a top-most priority and should be well planned before the launch of startup.

A recommended way to do this is by crafting a pre-launch webpage with a sign-up form.

This will ensure to aid gauge customer interest in early stage and will generate customer leads utilizing this pre-launch hype.

As it is important to make this webpage, it is equally important to make it user-friendly.

People do now spend time on WebPages that are too complex to handle.

Make sure to gather information, which is absolutely essential as no user will stay on the webpage if it going to be too time-consuming.

As a smart marketer who is working to influence audiences to come to you, ensure to introduce a call-to-action button, and social sharing buttons.

People should land up on your page and should straight away see the call-to-action buttons.

Inspiring them to share your website on social media sites will create the essential word-of-mouth marketing you require before launching your startup.

Hold Contests

An exciting and impactful way to create brand exposure just before a launch is to hold contests indulging potential customers.

There has to be some motivation for the audience to sign up early.

If they sign up early, it will create an amazing repute of your brand with your target market, while keeping the prices low.

If you want the contest to provide some value to your business, ensure to set a definite objective with it.

There can multiple types of goals that can be prioritized by any startup.

Either you want to raise awareness, generate more leads, display social responsibility, or something similar.

Whatever the goal may be, marketers should prepare a clear strategy from the start so as to be more effective.

Always try to be innovative. The giveaways of your contest should be unique and should make some sense to the audience.

Winning prize should be able to create an appeal to the target audience and should help you in driving traffic to your website.

Monitor everything

In today’s world, business world and their results are becoming more data driven.

Assessing is quite important in finding out what works and what does not for you.

Months that lead up to your launch, you require acquiring each element that can ensure maximizing your online efforts.

You can always place an analytics code on all the pages of your website to ensure that tracking is going smoothly.

Analytics can drive your growth and smart marketers & big brands already know this.

Always ensure to jot down the list of goals you want your website to reach. As soon as you get the numbers, ensure to match the results with expectations.

See what is been left and how can it be optimized properly.

Keep your audience on toes

Months before the launch of your startup, always be attentive to not share too much information about your product or service.

As a smart marketer, always keep in mind that creating a buzz before business launches are not what your product/service do but what it might do.

Providing more information beforehand can actually murder the curiosity, and the buzz will not be as strong as expected.

Instead, ensure to render the public small hints of what is in the startup to pull attention.

Spark your creativity while marketing small tidbits that lead to the launch day.

No doubt, launching a new business is just not simple and stress-free.

Always ensure to do the proper due diligence to create up excitement in the time before will make the user experience more exciting.

The Ride-Share Startup That Is Competing with Uber and Lyft

Thousands of drivers in hundreds of cities utilize their personal cars for driving strangers around for earning money; that’s what Uber and Lyft have been doing in recent times.

Between the driver and rider, the service is rendered, but Uber (which has a net worth of $60B) takes a specific percentage from the driver for each ride concluded with the company’s app.

Things have been going well for these 2 companies – till now.

Uber and Lyft. Fasten

Incomes a new company named as Fasten, which is trying to transform this standard in the ride-sharing world.

One of the best concepts about Fasten is that it charges only a flat $1 fee for each ride concluded with their app.

Founder of the company Kirill Edvakov, Vlad Christoff, and Evgeny Lvov believe that the driver is rendering the service and app is merely a platform to make the driver and rider meet.

Owing to this reason, they take both riders and drivers as paying customers.

Vlad Christoff quoted – “At the end of the day, we sell a piece of information to a driver who is the actual service provider. They move them in the physical world from point A to point B. We sell a piece of information to the driver that someone needs a ride.”

Launched in October 2015, Fasten originated in Boston, U.S.

Uber and Lyft already exist in that city and Boston is considered as one of the top five ride-sharing markets. Till now, Fasten’s business is booming quite well.

It is currently recruiting more drivers and also plans to open a driver’s lounge soon.

Edvakov and Christoff aren’t looking for generating any sort of profit right now. One of the co-founder Edvakov says “Before, drivers didn’t have a choice, all those companies used to charge huge percentages from drivers. Right now, people do have this choice . . . It’s profitable on the ride level. We still charge a fee. It requires more volume, but we understand that volume will be here.”

This amazing thought process, which almost all companies need today has brought the ride-sharing game to next level.

It is not about earning revenue by charging both drivers and riders. It’s about making the drivers assured that what they are working for is worth it and they are just a helping hand.

Fasten was started with private investments by co-founders and is right now in the process of series A funding round.

Drivers are slowly but firmly shifting their focus towards Fasten, owing to the reason that it treats drivers in a much better way.

Another benefit Fasten is rendering to drivers and riders is that outside its flat flee model, this startup is not imposing a surge charge attribute like others, and instead it provides a Boost option during the high demand time-frame.

So, technically speaking, Fasten is not forcing customers to take a cab at a super high price at a time when no other alternative is left (let’s say 2 am).

Instead, it is giving a fair alternative to riders to choose whether they want to pay more to get a ride sooner during the time when demand is too much excelled.

Drivers also get some specific discounts on a flat fee ($1) in case they complete a round of 20 or 100 rides on a particular day.

This amazing business model of Fasten has surely kept the founders of Uber and Lyft, a food for thought.

Fasten has stretched its service reach to Austin at a time when both Uber & Lyft had stopped working there.

The reason for the exit of cab industry giants was the implementation of a new law asking drivers to complete fingerprinted background checks.

Their exits have left a humongous gap in the market of one of the swiftly growing cities of Unite States.

Although, Fasten was one of the small rider-sharing players, still, it has been successful in filling the void left by 2 big players of the industry.

Although clear numbers of drivers, riders, or rides concluded are not disclosed by the company, Fasten did claim that the 75% of the passengers became repeated customers.

Fasten is slowly shifting the boom of ride-sharing industry toward its bay with slow yet deep penetration of US markets.

The new venture has also incorporated some new features in their app such as Fare, which is becoming extremely popular.

The fare is currently available in Austin, and it enables riders to not only rate drivers, but also choose preferable drivers and select who they would like to ride with.

Rides can be pre-scheduled by the riders, an attribute which has been included by Uber recently.

Since ride-sharing is transportation alternative today, Co-founders of Fasten are positive that if drivers & riders are given a chance to choose which service they want to opt, they will select the one with a much affordable option.

As per the co-founders of Fasten, their company reflects what the sharing economy should be in a much efficient manner.

We all have that dream of opening a startup with a vision and expectation to earn some decent revenue, but only a bunch of us can go way beyond profit-making and growth.

It’s about giving the drivers what they really deserve; Respect and value for money.

Let’s hope more new such ventures will come up in coming time and will make the world a better place again.