A Day in the life of a Startup

It is difficult to wade through the stories and ideas behind the popular hype surrounding startups. Snacks, cool atmosphere, more interactions, learning and the like.

Startup Culture

These pictures hover in our head whenever we think of startups. Mostly spread by movies, these ideas have perpetuated through the minds of young career driven individuals who are ambitious, rebellious and want something different for their career.

Most people want to ditch their regular jobs with 9-5 office timings in order to steer away to something happening. The recent media coverage along with the boom of startup ecosystem has only made Startups more intriguing and exciting.

While the benefits and the idea of a startup can be tempting, most people do not realize the entirety of a Life at a startup.

Startup life

Startups require a precise work schedule with dedicated hours to very specific targets.  The work environment being stressful as well as focused has plenty of folks yearning to get a taste of the elusive elixir of the startup culture. Fundamentally different from a typical corporation, startups have altered the expectations of employees and students alike. With higher stakes, longer hours and a solution-oriented stratum, startups shift the regular office culture off the stage. Open spaces, great food, inspired junta and a strong work culture has formed a significantly different faction of life after college.

While intriguing, these changes offer their own perspective to life in a startup.

A chance to do different things differently

With a dynamic structure and a chance to branch out and explore, startups have a cool paradigm to do things differently. With people-oriented ideas, electric job experience and unparalleled innovation, startups do have the ‘perspire to inspire’ agenda to them. With less structure and more flexibility, startups provide their employees with opportunities to tap your potential in multiple fields and not feel stuck while doing it.

More camaraderie

Startups usually have a set culture based on ideas and values. That doesn’t mean that life in a startup is drab and dull. Most startups have a strong work culture filled with exuberance and gaiety. An open door culture, happy hours and a motto of ‘Work hard, party hard’ makes for more camaraderie in the office environment which in turn inspires more energy and passion for work. The lack of hierarchy and the atmosphere generates a fun work experience with the chance to interact with the ‘cool’ junta which lets you transcend from the regularity of a 9-5 job.

Potential to make an Impact

Perhaps a major component of working at a startup is the impact you get to make. The day to day work in a startup does not entail any monotonous work which probably won’t have any impact on the end user. In a startup, your work is directly seen and used by the users. This makes your work more satisfying and relevant.

Growth Opportunity

Working at a startup has a quirky motivation asset. Many people look forward to grow and develop new skills and not focus on money. Startups provide that opportunity to grow, develop skills and significantly improve one’s portfolio. With an exposure to a spectrum of skills and people, startups inspire and enable an employee to grow along with a company.

Cool Workplace

While some of the fads thrown around in media are false, most startups do have a great workplace with perks-a-plenty for their employees. With lenient work attire policies, bean bags, graffiti and open work environment, startups have a casual and cool workplace. This inspires a more personalized and relaxed working condition for the employees.


Working at a startup implies responsibility by the barrel. Since you are a part of a small team, you will be expected to take up a whole lot of work. There also would be times where you have to don many hats and work across teams to achieve common goals. As the company starts to scale, you essentially get caught up in the responsibilities of your own role.

No fixed working hours

With all the thrill and the learning, life at a startup comes with odd working hours. Working at a startup entails ditching the regular office timeline and burning the midnight oil to reach targets and adhere to deadlines. Working beyond 8 hours a day is a normal thing in startups, but it is often compensated by the results of watching your product grow and prosper.

Startups require a strong work ethic and a significant accountability. That might be a little intimidating to many folks looking for a cushy, stable and comfortable job. However, if you’re looking for an exciting challenge with an opportunity to grow, excel and create stuff, startups would hands down be the place for you to get in.

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