Is Technology Changing Us, or Are We Changing Technology?

Technology is the newest addition to the long, strong, surviving, instinctive, and hard-working race of humans.

In recent decades, the way technology has changed the way we think, speak, read, write, and project things, it says a lot.

Few of the experts believe that sooner or later technology will overtake humans by replacing them in jobs.


Other professionals say that it is humans who are driving technology and not the other way around.

This is an interesting conversation to have with like-minded people.

On one hand, there are people like us, who think that technology is aiding the brands to communicate with consumers.

And then, there are people who think that technology is only aiding businesses of specific sectors and not the entire business industry.

The Broader Perspective

A wider issue of the interplay between human behavior and technology is one ripe for a longer time-frame discussion.

It will be extremely naïve to say that technology is transforming the way that we, as humans are behaving.

People use this kind of oversimplified version to avoid the true understanding of the change that we are witnessing and living through.

It is a known fact that new technology and change in today’s environment is changing our behavior. Technology is making things easier, quicker and more innovative; still, the truth is way more complicated.

New technology is truly changing our behavior, but it also changes the way we used to react to older ones.

Let’s take the example of cinema. During the launch of cinema, it never echoed the end of theaters, but, it changed the way consumers used to perceive theaters.

New and innovative technology of cinema have ensured to transform our outlook and behavior of both cinema & theaters.

And with the introduction of much more advanced technology (live streaming of movies) in the global market, we are again re-evaluating all of these things again.

The important thing to understand here is that these drastic changes were driven by the change or a desire to change in human behavior.

Well, let’s see how that happens?

Some call it consciously driven; like we identify an issue that we expect technology to solve. Somehow, while doing so, we find out a problem, we have, but we didn’t know we had.

A need, which is driven by another requirement, makes a gap, which is being met by the technology we think but is actually met by our need at first place.

Directly or indirectly, we have to admit that technology transformation is actually driven by humanity –our needs and behaviors.

You must have guessed by now that the interplay of human and technology is very complex.

Human behavior integrated with our conscious & less conscious requirements lead us to new and innovative technologies. In return, these technologies will change the way we behave and interact as utilize them into our lives.

It will like oversimplifying a concept if we conclude that technology is transforming our lives indispensably.

No, it’s not!

This oversimplification is quite relevant because it depicts that we actually understand the complexity of what is happening in the technology sector.

Let’s talk about choices. A choice provides a power to us to make a selection among the alternatives and it is assumed that we understand the implication of others.

In 1950, it was not possible for us to choose a mobile phone as their existence was absent.

Likewise, we could not make choice between hydrogen cars as they fail to exist, yet.

Similarly, before the invention of a laptop/desktop, no one actually said that they require it because no one knew what it was.

In real, no choice in the real world is made with entire information.

This is true for everyone as if a business professional have entire information about any stock; he can be extremely rich within no time. But, this is far from reality.

Investments and policies are made on the available information and depend only on the best possible chance of generating more return.

Same goes with the values and principles we work on as they are also complex and sturdy in nature.

Arising from multiple sources (culture, parents, experiences, and self-realization), values can affect our lives professionally and personally.

Technology is playing a strong hand in transforming the way business professionals used to think about generating revenue.

The introduction of social media channels, the internet, hi-tech gadgets, tech-savvy population, and the likes have pushed the business professional in a world, which didn’t exist 10 years ago.

Let us see some other aspects and areas technology is involved in the transformation (Yes, we cannot simply assert that it is technology that is changing us):

It is after the invention of technology, that it became possible to telecommute, which has brought a remarkable transformation the way business professionals interact with each other.

The introduction of flexible schedules is owing to the leverage technology provides to professionals accomplishing numerous business objectives single-handedly.

Private sector especially has been on the boom because of the introduction of technology, making it feasible and convenient for the professionals to work in tandem with profit monetization.

Employees are working while they are traveling; managers handle a team of professionals residing in multiple countries; utilization of technology in the government sector to conform its competitiveness along; remote reporting relationships and similar have been possible only because of inclusion of technology.

We humans first create the space of requirement by building a technology that we ourselves didn’t think will be so useful.

Then technology looks toward us and keep that change in tandem with our requirement and we say it is technology that is transforming the way we live, and think.

Funny World!

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